1.What kind of information should I offer if I want to get a quotation?
1)  box type and printing requirements.
2)  box folded size or flat size.
3)  material and finish of packaging boxes.
4)  printing color or box finish if you are unsure, we could also provide suggestions.

2.Is sample free?
White sample is free. Finished samples, we only charge printing and material cost, since running on printer is very expensive.

3. How long can you produce samples?
White sample needs 1-2 working days, and digital sample needs 3-5 working day after file approval.
printing sample needs 5-7 working days after file approval

4.How do you transport the product?
Shipping, air transport and express delivery, normally we do FOB terms, Ex-work, or CIF.

5.Can I go to China to visit your factory?
We welcome every customer to visit our factory. We have received many customers from all over the world, so we can communicate onsite and solve problems instantly.

6. what’s your  advantage comparing with other packaging factories?
Our factory focus on making gift box for more than 10 years, so quality is ensured. Besides, our sales people is very responsible and professional, so we could analyze your entire project and work out the most effective strategy to accomplish high-end results.
Also, our factory is located in south of China where is very mature packaging box manufacturing location, with experienced workers and very wide material support.
7. What kind of file format do you accept?
We accept all standard file formats. However, PDF format is preferred if the files are print ready.

8. Do you have a graphic design department that can assist us with design?
We have a graphic design department that assist in making changes and revisions or we can design your entire project.

9.Can you print spot varnish, UV clear coating and a 5th or 6th color?
Yes. We have 6C printer and complete post process machines.

10. What kind of paper stock do you use?
We typically use white cardboard, C2S, C1S, special paper, if you have special paper demand, just send us paper sample, we could ask our paper mill to source it.




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